Friday, February 24, 2012

String Gardens

I've become obsessed with string gardens lately.  I made my first one with a miniature pothos plant just because it was in my house waiting to have a purpose.  It's also a foolproof plant, and I think it took me 5 minutes.  

You can wrap the base with almost anything that's durable.  Today I used a recycled thin rope but i'm thinking copper for the next time, which will be an oncidium orchid or a jasmine plant methinks. 

Below are some of my favorites.  
Go and discover more on String_Gardens on the Facebooks.

Even a tree?!

I believe this one is my most favorite.

Or, maybe it's this display...

Nope - wait a minute.  It's this one.  Yep.

Make one yourself!

 Here is my friend, Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farm, demonstrating  
how to make a bonsai string garden for Wilder Quarterly Magazine.

And then there is this cheery how-to video.

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