Wednesday, February 8, 2012

flower installs

This first photo of the upside down, un-puffed, dandelions  was my inspiration for this post.  Once I stumbled upon this installation, I went into the internet black hole and stumbled upon some pretty sublime stuff. 

I was thinking this could be a stunning decor element for a Chuppah or for any ceremony type for that matter.  I just can't wait to try this process come spring time.  Perhaps adding some color or metallic dusting could take the purity out (which I do indeed love)  making it a little more vivacious. 

This creation was made by German Artist Regine Ramseier as part of ArToll Summer Lab 2011.
  You can real about the process and artist here.
This is a different way to look at a ceremony backdrop.  Although a little messy for my liking but i'm totally into it. 

These are fresh flowers taped to the wall.  It looks like wallpaper and I love this.  I was thinking how pretty this would be as a photo booth backdrop or on a few selected walls in a plain and simple venue.  Pretty. 
I actually don't know where I found this photo but it was in my inspiration folder.  I'm envisioning this down a hallway leading to some kind of wonderful.  I love the softness here and I love how the flowers mesh together, leading to the next flower type.  It's too bad that it was poorly lit but the lighting options are endless.  

This  install was commissioned  for the 25th Anniversary of Bouquets to Art Exhibition at the de Young Museum in San Francisco from Waterily Pond.

size: diameter – 20 ft. height – 15 ft. weight – 800 lb
500 blossoming branches of Forsythia
30 manzanita trees
200 trunks of curly willow
500 stems of anthuriums  

For more photos and video of the installation please visit here.

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