Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We've Got This Covered

The New York Magazine Weddings Spring/Summer issue is out and Allow Me Event Design has one of our bouquets on the front cover!   It was so exciting to see it for the first time on the newsstands.  They asked us to submit a few different bouquets, so it was a fun surprise to see which arrangement they chose.  It wouldn't have necessarily been my first pick, but it certainly was not my last.  You can read about the other bouquets we submitted for the cover here.

I think the whole composition is really lovely and I'm thrilled to have been a part of it.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let it be

I'm a fan of fillers and greenery and when the budget does not allow you to use an abundance of flowering blooms and the like, interesting and textured foliage can be just as lovely.

In fact, when I have the chance to design in such a way that the overall concept gives the feel that the flowers are growing out of the container (as opposed to out of the ground), I welcome the opportunity.  This, to me, is designing in an organic and whimsical way.  And it feels best when I'm doing almost no manipulation at all - letting the flowers fall, letting them just be.

The key here is to not try hard.  Have a little faith in nature.  Let the chips (or, in this case, the flowers) fall as they may and Mother Nature might just surprise you - remind you!  - of her beauty.

The goods:
white ranunculus
purple parrot tulip
and the oh, so lovely trailing clematis

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New York Magazine Weddings - A Submission

We were asked to submit a few bouquets for consideration for the cover of New York Magazine Weddings coming out this spring. And oh the requirements. Like finding flowers in the dead of winter that were spring/summer like - in season when the issue comes out.  The design needed to be circular, small in size and tight in design. 

So I found myself having a staring contest with these flowers, just waiting for that moment where it was going to feel right to start designing.  I started one and then took it apart, and I did this three or four times.    Then I started with another, the hardest in my opinion - an all green succulent bouquet.  And it was then that I started to get into my groove.  That bouquet was my favorite and for many reasons.  One being that it was unlike any of the others - not quite what I was asked to design but most definitely a style I gravitate towards.  I waited to do this one because I knew it would be a challenge.  And it wasn't until I designed it that I felt the creativity starting to flow.  Next time I am faced with this sort of challenge I'm going to indulge it first as oppose to starting the obvious - It just loosened me up and inspired me to do more.

In any event, one of those bouquets was indeed chosen for the front page and I am so very excited.  I asked the editor not to tell me which one was chosen as I'd prefer it to be a surprise come newsstand day, March 21st.  

Some of my materials I used are below and the final product to follow.

David Austin Garden Rose
French Tulip
Liberstar Lily Tulips
Maidenhair Fern

My Final Four

My favorite bouquet:
Succulents, maidenhair fern, assorted fern and fritillaria

My least favorite:
Tuberose, fritilleria, parrot tulip, garden rose, ranunculus, maidenhair fern

This would be my first pick had I not created the succulent bouquet:
David Austin garden roses, french tulips, lily tulip and geranium leaf

French tulips, lily tulip, pink ranunculus, white garden rose, David Austin garden rose

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