Thursday, July 12, 2012

Way Downtown

Wedding season kicked off for us back in March and it's been one busy season.  Hence the long blog entry hiatus.  Anyway, I'm back and I'm ready to share a whole lot of work, inspiration, and Allow Me (and Kerri!) happenings here today.  With more entires to follow!  I promise!  

First on the docket: a wedding at Bridgewaters in the South Street Seaport NYC.  I met Dan and Elizabeth well over a year ago.  It was a really sweet and calming experience creating the storyboard that we ultimately brought to fruition for this amazing couple.  It was really a special event...

It was such a pleasure meeting the photographer for the the wedding, Susannah Gill.  She was just so comfortable, confident and awesome to work with and be around.  She sent along a link to a lovely blog entry of hers a few days after the wedding, which included a sweet collection of her shots from that day.  You'll see them shortly, just keep reading.

In other news: I need a good, real, professional camera, folks.  Even though my addiction to instagram has allowed me look like I'm taking some amazing photos, I'm really not.  This will not be the last time you'll read me complaining about this so bare with me and enjoy below the few decent shots I was able to capture.

The Chuppah pictured was created using cherry blossoms.  The personal and event floral included jasmine sprays, speckled magenta phalanopsis, anenomies (I miss you so much, see you next year), parrot tulips and my all-time favorite...clematis.  

So there you go.  I'm back.  Take a glimpse and enjoy...

Photos by photographer, Susannah Gill 


                                                                                        Below photos from yours truly...

Mi amiga, Taylor, working the bouquet shot.

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